Strokes and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Many adults experience strokes and other types of brain injuries which steal speech and motor function. Music therapy is a powerful tool to combat this loss of function, often improving the lives of brain injury sufferers in surprising ways.

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Music Therapy for Stroke Neuro Therapy

How does music therapy work in neuro rehabilitation?

We use specific, evidence-based techniques designed to address issues such as:

  • Communication disorders- aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria, etc.
  • Gait training
  • Short and long-term memory
  • Focus and attention
  • Motor skills and affected side
  • Emotional processing and well-being

Learn more from our therapists on our podcast episode all about Neuro Rehab.

Music Therapy Session Pricing

Music Therapy Assessment

The first session for each client is an in-depth assessment. This includes a one-hour session, an overall assessment report & treatment plan, and a short consultation with the caregiver if needed. Progress will be matched against the beginning assessment and recorded weekly at future sessions.

Cost of the first session is $150

Weekly Sessions Via Telehealth

Client-centered, interactive music interventions are designed to meet specific goals and improve sensorimotor, emotional, cognitive, communication, and social functioning, while promoting overall health and well-being. Interventions include but are not limited to singing, playing percussion and other instruments, moving to music, lyric analysis, songwriting, improvising, and using music as a motivator for movement, behavior, communication, etc.

In weekly sessions, we work on the goals and objectives stated in the treatment plan and document progress.  Written progress reports are sent periodically.

50 minute sessions are $85

30 minute sessions are $60

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