Neurologic Music Therapy® Techniques

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  • Musical Sensory Orientation Training (MSOT) 
  • Musical Neglect Training (MNT) 
  • Auditory Perception Training (APT) 
  • Musical Attention Control Training (MACT) 
  • Musical Mnemonics Training (MMT) 
  • Echoic Memory Training (MEM) 
  • Associative Mood and Memory Training (AMMT) 
  • Musical Executive Function Training (MEFT) 

Sensorimotor Training 

  • Patterned Sensory Enhancement (PSE) 
  • Therapeutic Instrumental Performance (TIMP) 
  • Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation (RAS) 

Speech and Language 

  • Melodic Intonation Therapy (MIT) 
  • Musical Speech Stimulation (MUSTIM) 
  • Vocal Intonation Therapy (VIT) 
  • Rhythmic Speech Cueing (RSC) 
  • Oral Motor Respiratory Exercises (OMREX) 
  • Therapeutic Singing (TS) 
  • Developmental Speech and Language Training through Music (DSLM) 
  • Symbolic Communication Training through Music (SYCOM) 


  • Music Psychotherapy and Counseling (MPC) 

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