Music Therapy with elderly patients

Music Therapy for Neurologic Conditions

It is nearly impossible to fully lose the ability to process music because it involves so many areas of the brain. And for our clients with Parkinson’s, MS and other neurological conditions, music can help get the whole brain working together again. Neurologic music therapy techniques are evidenced based and target functional abilities.

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We use music and rhythm to help our clients with neurologic conditions with things such as:

  • Gait training
  • Vocal and breath control
  • Motor control
  • Memory
  • Coping skills
  • And more!

The NMT techniques used to work with people who have PD, MS and other neurologic conditions include:

  • Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation (RAS) ® – use of auditory cues for gait training
  • Patterned Sensory Enhancement (PSE) ® – use of music and rhythm as cues for movement
  • Therapeutic Instrumental Music Performance (TIMP) ® – use of musical instruments to enhance and regain motor functioning
  • Rhythmic Speech Cueing (RSC) ® – use of auditory rhythm to improve fluency, articulatory rate, pause time, and intelligibility of speaking.
  • Oral Motor and Respiratory Exercises (OMREX) ® – use of musical materials and exercises to improve articulatory control, respiratory strength, and function of the speech apparatus.
  • Therapeutic Singing (TS) ® – use of singing activities to address individual goals
  • Music Attention Control Training (MACT) ® – use of music activities to address attention functions
  • Music Executive Functioning Training (MEFT) ® – includes improvisations and composition exercises to improve executive functioning
  • Musical Mnemonics Training (MMT) ® – uses music as a mnemonic device to enhance ability to learn and recall information
  • Associative Mood and Memory Training (AMMT) ® and Music in Psychosocial Training and Counseling (MPC) ® – use of music and rhythmic activities to help improve mood, coping skills, processing of feelings and memories, etc.

Sessions are tailored to the strengths, weaknesses, needs, goals, and music preferences of each individual client.  

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Music Therapy Session Pricing

Music Therapy Assessment

The first session for each client is an in-depth assessment. This includes a one-hour session, an overall assessment report & treatment plan, and a short consultation with the caregiver if needed. Progress will be matched against the beginning assessment and recorded weekly at future sessions.

Cost of the first session is $150

Weekly Sessions Via Telehealth

Client-centered, interactive music interventions are designed to meet specific goals and improve sensorimotor, emotional, cognitive, communication, and social functioning, while promoting overall health and well-being. Interventions include but are not limited to singing, playing percussion and other instruments, moving to music, lyric analysis, songwriting, improvising, and using music as a motivator for movement, behavior, communication, etc.

In weekly sessions, we work on the goals and objectives stated in the treatment plan and document progress.  Written progress reports are sent periodically.

50 minute sessions are $85

30 minute sessions are $60

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