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Whether you have a baby or young child and want to do all you can to promote their healthy development, or you are looking for ways to contribute to your own well-being, music therapy has been proven to be beneficial.

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For babies and kids

Individualized and research-based music interventions are created to promote healthy development in the areas of communication, social skills, pre-academic and academic skills, fine and gross motor skills, emotional expression and well-being, and cognitive skills (focus and attention, following directions, sequencing, executive functioning, memory, etc.). The sessions are designed to be enjoyable and motivating and incorporate things such as singing, moving to music, playing all types of percussion instruments, improvising, songwriting, and more.

For teens and adults

Studies have shown that music can increase cognitive performance and memory, reduce stress, help mage pain, improve endurance and performance, improve sleep, improve mood and motivation, and help reduce anxiety and depression. The music therapy session is tailored to your specific needs to help you utilize music in the most effective way possible to bring about desired changes. The sessions include things such as singing, playing instruments including percussion, directed music listening, lyric analysis, moving to the music, improvising, and various forms of songwriting.

Music Therapy Session Pricing

Music Therapy Assessment

The first session for each client is an in-depth assessment. This includes a one-hour session, an overall assessment report & treatment plan. Progress will be matched against beginning assessment and recorded weekly at future sessions.

Cost of first session is $135

Weekly Sessions in our clinic or via Telehealth

Client-centered, interactive music interventions are designed to meet specific goals and improve sensorimotor, emotional, cognitive, communication, and social functioning, while promoting overall health and well-being. Interventions include but are not limited to singing, playing percussion and other instruments, moving to music, lyric analysis, songwriting, improvising, manipulation visual aids, and using music as a motivator for movement, behavior, communication, etc.

Services include a short consultation with the parent/caregiver if needed. In weekly sessions, we work on the goals and objectives stated in the treatment plan and document progress.  Written progress reports are sent approximately every 4 months.

50 minute sessions are $85

30 minute sessions are $60

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