We offer adaptive lessons on piano, guitar, ukulele, and voice, taught by one of our board-certified music therapists.

Adaptive lessons are great for those with physical, cognitive, or emotional challenges that need additional support and alternatives to the traditional methods. We help each individual gain confidence, reach their potential, and have fun while learning to play a new instrument. 

Adaptations and are made intentionally to specifically meet the needs of each person. These include adjustments in things such as style of learning, technique, and physical changes to an instrument for those with specific needs in the areas of sensory, physical, emotional and cognitive functioning.  


Autism, anxiety/depression, Parkinson’s disease, intellectual or developmental disabilities, motor dysfunction, cancer, verbal and/or communication deficits, ADD/ADHD, and other diagnoses. Adaptive lessons may be the perfect fit for someone you know that loves music, wants to engage more with music, and has specific needs.  

$45 for a 30-minute session and $60 for a 45-minute session 

Music Lessons

We now offer music lessons for anyone wanting to learn how to play the piano/keyboard or bass guitar.

Our teacher, Liz, is proficient on these instruments and welcomes students of all ages. She can help you learn to read music, improvise, or play by chords. Whether you want to learn songs for yourself or play in a band, Liz can help you learn how to play your favorite kind of music. 

$35 for a 30-minute lesson and $45 for a 45-minute lesson.  

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